Fat Loss 4 Idiots - My Personal Experience

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is creating quite a buzz in the world of web-based diet programs. It's being talked about all over the Internet and people everywhere seem to be singing its praises as one of the best ways to lose weight fast.

Well, it caught my attention a few months ago based on a good friend of mine who was trying it and having some success with it. She said the program was really working for her, so I decided to give it a try myself since I have always battled a weight problem. I have been on the program for 60 days now and I want to share a full review of my experience and the results I've gotten thus far.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan is a comprehensive program that also includes an optional upgrade of getting "Beyond Calories". (I discuss that in another post), You'll get immediate access to their website which contains the entire program. There, you can print out the "Idiot-proof diet handbook" as well as use the "Diet Generator" to generate and print off your daily meal plans for 11 day periods.

The signup for the program is pretty straightforward and simple. I do like the colorful graphics. It's a nice change of pace so to speak. Although I found the name to be somewhat strange, I really don't care what they want to call it as long as it works. I'm sure you probably feel the same way. You can view the site here at
Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Program Basics

The basics of Fat Loss 4 Idiots is that by following their system you can lose 9 pounds every 11 days. When I first looked at it I immediately thought it was all hype. It is certainly hard for most people to believe, myself included. It would be difficult to keep losing that amount of weight in that amount of time. But, I decided to keep an open mind. (I will go into my actual results later in this review)

While I admit that it is possible to lose the first 9 pounds in 11 days for most anyone since it will usually be water loss at first, to keep it up would be extremely tough.

Although I can not divulge the exact details of the Idiot Proof Diet Handbook for legal and copyright reasons, I can go through the basics and show you a sample day's diet plan.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan allows you to either use a vegetarian meal plan or a regular meal plan. (I chose the regular)

The Diet Generator then asks you to choose 14 of your favorite foods, which is quite nice, and input them into the generator. It will be these 14 favorites which will help go into designing your meals for the 11 day plan.

Next, your plan will give you 4 meals per day that make up your diet plan, and they stress that you maintain a time frame of at least 2.5 hours apart from each meal.

Why an 11 day meal plan?

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan requires you to eat meals according to your individual 11 day plan. After 11 days the plan allows you to eat whatever you want for the next 3 days after that. (In moderation of course) Then, you start back on your 11 day meal plan once again.

Once you get use to it, you'll find it to be a nice way to not only stay on your diet, but to also be able to eat foods you love after a while. It's unlike anything I have seen. It lets you look forward to something special every 11 days instead of having to struggle through the same old monotenous diet plan for months at a time. I've been there and done that.

Sample day's meal plan

Depending upon your choices of your 14 favorite foods, a sample day may look like this: (This is only a sample from hundreds of different combinations)

Meal 1: fruit salad
Meal 2: tuna salad
Meal 3: boneless/skinless chicken breast
Meal 4: banana milk shake

One of the important points here is that you can cook your food any way you want it. For example, the chicken breast can be grilled, baked, and you can even add barbeque sauce to it, etc. It takes the blandness out of the food.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet system does not count calories or limit portion sizes. There is no carb counting or watching proteins. This makes the plan so simple to follow, hence the name for it. So, what this means for you is that you could have a huge chicken breast or a big bowl of fruit salad. You will find yourself getting filled up, but not overly full if that makes sense to you.

The plan essentially eliminates the starchy carbs such as breads and potatoes and also limits alcohol consumption to 1 glass of wine a day, if this is something you enjoy to begin with.

One thing I do like about the plan is the fact that this system does not force you to buy special foods or certain brands such as Nutri System or Jenny Craig that prove to be quite costly. You simply purchase the food you like at your groocery store which saves you money over the long run.

What are my results?

As I mentioned earlier I have followed the plan for 60 days now and closely tracked my results.

When I started the plan I weighed in at 218 pounds and my pants size was a fairly tight 38. After 60 days I weighed in at 192 pounds and my pants size has been reduced to a somewhat loose 34. I have lost a total of 26 pounds and counting. Not only am I very pleased, but the results have been quite surprising to say the least.

Will Fat Loss 4 Idiots work for everyone?

No. That may be surprising to hear, but it will only work if you follow the plan. Fat Loss 4 Idiots doesn't require you to check in every week at a diet center or be accountable to anyone, and therein lies the problem. Some people will naturally not stick to this plan, or any other diet plan for that matter when they know that no one is looking. So, if you have difficulty in trying to lose weight without checking in to a weekly weight loss center I would not advise the program.

For those who do follow this system and have struggled with weight loss over the years, I can say that it will most likely work for you. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a simple, inexpensive, easy to follow diet plan that produces results. There is no starving yourself every day to see results and the food choices are good since they are based on what you like.

How To Eliminate The Fat Loss Confusion

After spending some time talking to people about their fat loss regimens, one of the most common themes we noticed was that most people concerned with fat loss will focus on short term goals instead of long term. Instead of figuring out how to keep the fat from returning, they were focusing on getting rid of belly fat as quickly as possible.

Many of them said that they'd figure out how to keep it from coming back once they'd reached their target weight. These people weren't exercising properly. To make matters worse, many gyms cater to this mindset: their exercise and fat burning workouts leave a lot to be desired.

Most people go about health and exercise in exactly the opposite way that they should and because of this, they burn less fat than they could otherwise. By approaching weight loss in an "I just need to get in shape for bathing suit season" way you won't ever see the results you so desperately want to see. By thinking of nutrition, exercise and relaxation as separate entities, you won't ever be satisfied with your fat loss or muscle tone. By forcing yourself to spend many hours every week in a gym or workout room and try to make yourself stick to an odd and unnatural diet, you'll only be disappointed when the weight comes right back as soon as you take a day off from exercising or go off of your diet.

The quick fix approaches confuse your body (and your mind). What you need to do in order to burn fat is to make yourself forget what you have always thought was true and re-learn the correct approaches to diet and exercise. This will help you change your lifestyle for the long run and you'll see your fat loss efforts have real results!

Believe it or not, when you practice proper nutrition, your workout routine doesn't need to take very much time at all! You will be surprised by how much more energy you have and how much more fat you will burn when you follow the proper regimen of diet, exercise and relaxation.

When you decide to listen to a large group of people and follow their fat loss routine, make sure you take the time to pay attention to how many of them end up when they reach the "end" of their programs. Most of them will be angry, confused, or even sick. They won't have lost the fat they so desperately wanted to lose. Don't end up like that. Instead, choose a lifestyle of proper nutrition, quick and intense workouts, lots of water and plenty of relaxation and sleep.

Believe it or not, this really is the best way to lose fat and keep it from coming back. Doing this will bring you much faster and longer lasting results than any of the popular fat loss regimens that are on the market right now. Good luck!

You can find out much more about this by going to Lose The Fat


2 Weight Loss Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Today

Most people would agree that being overweight isn't something to feel happy about. For many people it is just the simple act of having to carry around so much useless extra weight that makes them unhappy with their weight. Obesity is a serious disease—so serious that people have died from its affects, but few obese people do much to improve the quality of their health. Many people are simply too busy to worry about the belly they are carrying around, even as it grows large enough to seriously affect their health.

It is easy to gain weight, especially if you have easy access to plenty of fatty and unhealthy foods that exist solely to add extra weight to your frame. The good news is that it is never too late to start losing weight, and doing so doesn't take that long at all! Here are a few simple tips you can use with Fat Loss 4 Idiots or any program to help you lose weight:

1. Don't even bother with the "quick weight loss" fad diets that are out there. Losing weight isn't an easy process. Gaining weight is easier than losing it. What only takes a few weeks to gain could take a few months to lose. Another problem with quick weight loss diets is that they don't help you keep the pounds off once you lose them! Why waste a lot of money on something that doesn't work?

2. Change your eating habits. Many people opt for fast food while they are at work and convenience stores when they need a snack. All of the food served in these places is high in fats, cholesterol and is just terrible for your body.

What about your evening snack? For most of us, it usually consists of something sweet or salty that we have in our cabinets—chips, snack cakes, etc. If you keep eating that way, you will put on more weight than you could ever hope to lose completely. Instead of opting for fast, convenient and junk foods, learn how to cook your own meals and only use natural ingredients! Substitute your chips for fresh fruit. You'd be surprised how easy it is to cut down your calorie intake by simply cooking your own food!

An easy hint to help you with those calories is to take your lunch to work instead of buying it once you are out of the house. Doing this is a great way to make sure that you have healthy food on hand for your lunch time and any cravings that might arise during the day.

These are just two hints to help you begin your weight loss program. By cutting down on the unhealthy foods you eat and not buying into the fad diets, you'll be saving yourself quite a bit of money and time as you bring your weight back down to a healthy level.